With literally thousands of cars on the Northern Ireland roads we maintain a full and comprehensive range of parts and accessories for current and previous models. If not in stock, our network of parts suppliers ensures we can have your car back on the road in double quick time.

Just recently we have expanded our product offering to include Isuzu parts and accessories.


The oil filter ensures your engine is supplied with a constant flow of oil which is free from dirt and contamination, thereby minimizing engine wear. To achieve this, the filter pores must be fine enough to stop the contaminant particles, but sufficiently thick to allow the oil to pass through.

The requirements for a quality oil filter do not stop there. In addition, the filter must deliver high oil pressure without leaking. The gaskets must withstand temperature extremes without deformation. It must be able to handle vibrations without shaking apart. A defective oil filter can cause the engine to lose oil pressure.  This will increase engine wear and eventually cause the engine to cut out completely.

Genuine oil filters are designed to match the exact specifications of today’s engines and the quality of oil that your car needs. That way you can be sure that the filter can handle the pressure up to the next service and that your engine’s life is extended.


On a dry road cars today are designed to slow down from 100km / h to a standstill in less than 40 meters – and in under three seconds. Brakes must work equally well from -30 ° C to +30 ° C and withstand snow, salt, water and dirt. Little wonder your car’s braking system is one of its most important security features.

It must withstand tremendous forces, pressure and stress day in and day out. The pressure that occurs when the brake pad engages with the brake disc is equivalent to a force of several tons.  Your brake discs and pads are the parts exposed to this pressure and therefore need to be replaced from time to time.

Fitting genuine brake discs and pads are designed to accommodate the high standards for maximum braking performance in all driving situations. The brake discs and pads undergo rigorous durability tests with very high demands on material quality and manufacturing precision. So, do not save on safety when changing brakes – choose genuine parts fitted at Gormley Motors.


The cooling system in your car is designed to enable the engine to reach its optimum operating temperature as quickly as possible and then keep it there. If you live in a country where the temperature varies by 50 ° C this places extra demands on the system. If temperatures are either too low or too high you will experience increased wear on the engine and gearbox, and fuel consumption will be increased. The thermostat will regulate the flow of coolant to the engine temperature stays as close to 90 ° C as possible in all situations.

Genuine cooling systems comprise all parts: radiator, thermostat, pump and hoses perfectly adapted to keep the engine at its optimum operating temperature, and thus provide optimum performance and minimum fuel consumption and environmental impact

Cabin Air Filter

The purpose of the cabin air filter is to remove particulates, harmful substances and odours from the air coming into the car from outside. Since the 1970’s manufacturers have worked hard to obtain ever more efficient air filters, not least to benefit owners who suffer from allergies. Genuine air filters reduce the risk of irritation of the eyes, mouth, respiratory tract and lungs. And besides removing pollen the air filter also removes the aerosols that can cause a tough coating on the inside of the windscreen. Replacing your cabin air filter ensures you breathe fresh air and avoid irritation.


The clutch both transmits and decouples power from the engine to the gearbox smoothly and without jerking. This requires every detail of the coupling to interact properly, placing high demands on design, quality and features. To begin with, the pressure plate must be carefully balanced. The spring force acting on the pressure plate must be sufficient to cope with your engines torque output to prevent slipping and increased wear in the gearbox. Genuine clutch parts are manufactured to these specifications and are designed to remove tension from both you and your engine.


The shock absorbers on your car not only absorb bumps to provide a comfortable ride, they also play an important safety role. Worn shock absorbers reduce the security of the contact between the wheels and the road and therefore reduce the stability of your car in extreme manoeuvres. This reduced contact also increases braking distances. And if your shock absorbers are not properly absorbing the impacts from bumps in the road you will also experience increased wear on your cars suspension and tyres.

To ensure your car handles as it should it is important is that you retain shock absorbers of the same type that the car was equipped with at the factory. Genuine shock absorbers are designed to interact with other parts of the vehicle’s steering system. As part of this complete system they will ensure your car will be stable and safe in a sudden evasive manoeuvre or when cornering at speed.


Wiper quality and performance are crucial to your driving experience in adverse weather conditions, especially at night. These seemingly simple rubber blades must withstand temperatures from -30 ° C to +30 ° C without deformation and resist salt, dirt, snow and water.
Genuine wiper blades are available in two versions: standard blade and flat blade. The flat blades are a new type of wiper blade made from a synthetic rubber compound for safe operation even in cold weather. Pressure is distributed evenly over the wiper blade and the windshield providing a more uniform clearing of water. The rubber also wears more evenly so the wiper blades last longer. And because they are equipped with a special aerodynamic spoiler they glide almost silently over the windscreen even at high speed.

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